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Welcome to Korean Digital Academy!

Please watch the video for details, and create your account to begin the registration process!

Begin the registration process here:

Please note: the fee for your first month has been covered by Xplore Asia on your behalf.  Should you wish to continue on past the first month, as an Xplore Asia member you are also welcome to a 20% discount off our regular rates!

Here is more information on the registration process:

  • Step #1: Create your account above

Please enter your name and email above to begin the registration process.  

NOTE: Your initial month has been covered by Xplore Asia, so there is no need for payment.  Should you wish to move on beyond your first month, as an Xplore Asia member, you are also welcome to a 20% discount off of our regular rates.

  • Step #2: Send us your "availability"

As you as you enter your name and email above, you're going to receive TWO emails: (1) a "welcome" email which has some important info about the classes, and (2) an "availability" email, with instructions on how to submit your availability to us.

  • Step #3: Establish your level

Once we have received your "availability" email, we will respond and begin the process of establishing your current level / experience, and an appropriate starting point in the program.

  • Step #4: We create a practice-session group for you

Once we have all your registration information and the registration deadline has passed, our team will begin putting the groups the together, and email out your specific class details when it is complete.

NOTE: you can use this time to begin watching / studying the material from your starting class, so that you are prepared and ready to practice when your class time arrives.

  • Step #5: Begin classes

Once your class day and time arrives (the week of April 12th), you will have your first practice session.  You will have ONE practice session at the same day and time each week, for a total of four weeks.

Have questions?  

Feel free to email us at, and we'd be happy to answer any questions you might have.  And if you can, please reference Xplore Asia in your email so we know you are with them, and we can provide accurate info.

(in not-so-fine print!)